How Irish MAP is going to work?

Irish MAP believes that good health is a basic human right and, therefore, access to appropriate health care is an integral element of that right. Furthermore, Irish MAP believes that the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights should be applied to the Palestinian people and that they should be entitled to peace, security, freedom, clean water, education, health, employment, proper housing and prosperity, all of which are determinants of health.

Irish MAP will work with all sectors of Palestinian society and with sister organisations from outside Palestine for the improvement of health in Palestine. Irish MAP will co-operate and co-ordinate its work with other charities and non-governmental organisations to maximise its effectiveness and efficiency.

Irish MAP has set up systems for health needs assessment and project development based on evidence. This system will allow Irish MAP to judge how and where to maximise its effort. The most important principles employed are: meeting unmet and identified need, value for money (following the maxim of greater health effect on the greatest number of people with the least amount of money) and sustainable development.

Examples of this are our first two major projects: first, training of Palestinian Red Crescent Society ambulance personnel to the level of Emergency Medical Technician; secondly, the refurbishment of the only mental health hospital in Palestine (located in Bethlehem) and the development of community mental health teams.

The Board of Directors
Mick Lanigan (Chairman)
David Andrews
Paddy Duffy
Dr. Nazih Eldin (Secretary)
Michael D. Higgins TD
Breda Justin
Dr. Ghassan Khayyat
Senator Terry Lyden
Don Lydon
Prof Maurice Manning
Des O'Malley
Dr. Saeb Sha'ath (Treasurer)
Dr. Maher Shuhaibar
Ailbhe Smyth
Don Teegan
Patricia McKeown
His Honour Judge Peter Smithwick President of The Order of Malta