Welcome to the Irish MAP website. Down through all the hard years the Irish people have been incredibly loyal and generous to the Palestinian people in their plight. The discrimination, deprivation and daily denial of the basic human rights of the Palestinians remind the Irish of the darkest days of their own oppression and bitter tears. The most basic human struggle is the battle between life and death, and when we set up Irish Medical Aid for Palestinians (Irish MAP) we determined that every cent raised would go to save Palestinian lives.

Our Patron, Board of Directors and Friends of Irish MAP represent people of distinction and compassion in Irish life whose sole aim is to encourage and facilitate the nation in helping to alleviate the pain and suffering of the Palestinian nation. On your behalf, and in appreciation of your generosity, I was awarded the Order of Bethlehem by President Yasser Arafat in 2003, but the needs of his people are ten times greater now than then.

The hand of history is on all our shoulders, but it is what we decide to do with our own hands that counts. If you can help in any way, raise your hand to help Irish MAP. The Palestinian people will never forget you.

Mick Lanigan